There Will Be Oscars, Part Deux

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And now, the technical awards, i.e. the ones no one but me cares about.  (Where are the shorts categories, you ask?  Even I don’t care about them.)

This will take forever if I do them all the same way as the main categories, so I’ll only include commentary for some of them.

Here we go…

Foreign Language Film

I haven’t seen any of the nominees, so I’ll go with the one everyone else is picking.

Prediction: The Counterfeiters (Austria)

Animated Film

Critic’s darling Persepolis (which I didn’t see) might be viewed as more socially significant – it’s based on the autobiographical comics by an Iranian woman – but Ratatouille was also loved by critics and has broader appeal as well as much more impressive animation.  It also has the advantage of being nominated for several other awards outside the animation ghetto, but then again that didn’t help last year’s presumed Foreign Language frontrunner Pan’s Labyrinth.

Prediction and My pick: Ratatouille
Omissions: Say what you will about the show’s decline, but The Simpsons Movie deserves a spot here.  Beowulf was also impressive.

Art Direction

Prediction: There Will be Blood
My pick: Sweeney Todd


Prediction: There Will be Blood
My pick: The Assassination of Jesse James

Costume Design

Prediction: Atonement
My pick: Sweeney Todd


Michael Moore’s Sicko was a big hit, but the Iraq war is still the dominant theme and Moore may have accrued too many enemies with his smartass style.

Prediction and My pick: No End in Sight


This often goes to the eventual Best Picture winner, but I think voters will want to honor the well-regarded but heretofore unrewarded Bourne series, and this category is one where it is truly deserving.

Prediction and My pick: The Bourne Ultimatum


I haven’t seen the Edith Piaf biopic, but it’s likely to win for transforming Marion Cotillard into the French singer.  At least it had better beat Norbit.  As good as Rick Baker’s work always is, it just wouldn’t seem right to have to refer to that film as “the Academy Award winning Norbit”.

Prediction: La Vie en Rose

Original Score

Click.  Click.  Click, ching, click, ching.  Click, ch-ch-ching.  Click, ch-ch-ching.  Clickety clickety clickety clickety click.

Prediction and My pick: Atonement
Omissions: Alan Silvestri for Beowulf, Hans Zimmer for either Simpsons or Pirates 3, Jonny Greenwood’s sadly ineligible There Will be Blood.  Speaking of ineligible, this would have been a prime year to bring back the old “adapted score” category for films using previously written music or song-dominated soundtracks – Sweeney Todd, Once, Across the Universe, Hairspray, and even Walk Hard would have been worthy entries.

Original Song

Had I written this post when I first planned, I’d have been firmly in the corner of “That’s How You Know” while admitting that it would likely split the vote with the other two songs from Enchanted, paving the way for the eventual winner.  Since then I’ve finally seen Once, and that winner is now also my favorite.

Prediction and My pick: “Falling Slowly”, Once
Omissions: The entire category could have been filled with songs from Once and I wouldn’t have complained.  “If You Want Me”, “Lies”, and “When Your Mind’s Made Up” would have led my ballot.  I also enjoyed “Let’s Duet” from Walk Hard.

Sound Mixing/Sound Editing

Whatever.  I’m not sure which category is which so I’m predicting Transformers for one of them and The Bourne Ultimatum for the other.

Visual Effects

As much as I loathed the movie, I can’t see giving this to anything but Transformers.

Prediction and My pick: Transformers

So there you have it.   Looking forward to the show tonight, and hoping host Jon Stewart will win over the audience he didn’t get last time (I thought he was great).  But please, go easy on the strike jokes.

Hey, maybe I’ll try that live-blogging thing I’ve heard so much about during the show.  (I’m sure there’s a grammar mistake in there, but you know what I mean.)


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There Will Be Oscars And the winner is…

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