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Well, this is kinda awesome.

This was first brought to my attention on Pharyngula, but it’s everywhere now. Go there to follow the debate on whether it’s pro-science or a failed bit of meta-satire from the Expelled promoters.


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Wanted: One Irony Meter

Mine has exploded.

So there’s this movie coming out next month called Expelled, fronted by actor/economist/speech writer/game show host/eye medication shill Ben Stein. It claims to document the systematic censorship by “Big Science” (seriously, they use that phrase) of people courageous enough to question the “dogma” of evolutionary theory. Of course, the whole thing is just a creationist propaganda piece, but the filmmakers are trying to set their side up as martyrs concerned with academic freedom.

So, if your premise is that scientists are conspiring to keep opposing viewpoints out of the classroom, what do you think would be the most retarded possible PR move to make? Apparently, the producers have chosen the hypocrite route. Well known atheist/developmental biologist blogger PZ Myers – who was actually interviewed for the film (under false pretenses) and appears in it – attempted to attend a screening last night and was refused entry.

But that’s only half of the ironic part. Go read his post to see who did get in to the screening.

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