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With Apologies to Freddie Mercury

Any of my readers (what readers?) who are still following the Expelled debacle should get a kick out of this parody song courtesy of MartinC.

“Should have stuck to game shows” indeed.


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Unrest in the Land of Lincoln

Outside the atheist community, this story hasn’t had much media attention.  This account gives the basics – last week a Democratic Representative from Illinois had a rather vitriolic reaction to an atheist activist who was testifying at a hearing regarding the donation of government money to a Baptist church.  Rep. Monique Davis told the man he had “no right” to be there, and that it was “dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists!”

(She also referred to Illinois as “the Land of Lincoln where people believe in God”.  In fact, President Lincoln’s religious views were ambiguous at best, and more than a few statements of his lean decidedly away from theism.)

Well, the story finally got some national media attention tonight, being featured atop Keith Olbermann’s nightly “Worst Persons in the World” list on MSNBC’s Countdown.  See the video at onegoodmove.

Contact info for Rep. Davis is here if you’d like to send a measured response to her hate-filled tirade.

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